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Link To: Page 10 - TWT, Klystron Amps
Link To: Page 11 - Miss. Repair Parts
Link To: Page 12 - Apollo WR-75 Filters

Dudley Lab Manufactured Equip,
General Test Equip.
RF Signal Generators
PS's HP and Other
Le Croy, Tektronix
HP/Agilent, Giga-Tronics
Waveguide Parts Section
Coax Parts Couplers etc.
Manuals Free Download
Solid State RF Amplifiers
Tube Type RF Amplifiers
Miscellaneous Repair Equipment
Apollo Waveguide Parts WR-75

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Microwave 101 Tech Notes
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About Dudley Lab

Dudley Lab was started by Henry Dudley in 1992 to design and build equipment for Local Multipoint Distribution Systems (LMDS (28GHz 5G)). Before starting Dudley Lab, Henry Dudley was employed by RCA Laboratory in Princeton, NJ. While at the RCA Lab, he was a part of the technical staff that built RF equipment for DARPA, TRW, NASA and many others. Dudley Lab is a privately held company with 4 employees. Dudley Lab has a world wide customer base of about 600, that include US Government agencies and many companies, large and small.
Test Bench 1
Dudley Lab
RF Measurements
10KHz to 60GHz

CNC MillDudley Lab
Dudley Lab is well equipped to handle most jobs in house.
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We are primarily a designer and manufacture of RF equipment. However,
we do Repair many RF Amplifiers built by others, Mostly:
TWT Type - Hughes, Varian.
Solid State - Ophir, PST Comtech.

Dudley Lab RF Amplifier Repair Service
Contact Dudley Lab
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Phone: 1-732-240-6895 Henry - Technical
Cell: 1-732-995-8086 - Administrative

Shipping, Mail Address:
Dudley Lab
1508 Wellington Avenue
Toms River, NJ 08757-1602


We are All in the Service Business
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